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Chuck Prophet, Kim Richey, S.G. Goodman, Sierra Ferrell

Week after March 05, 2021

Chuck Prophet
Kim Richey
S.G. Goodman
Sierra Ferrell

Press Release

On Sunday November 1 Mountain Stage will record its first new episode since February of 2020. The two-hour radio program will record an episode without audience, for delayed broadcast via the shows 270+ NPR affiliates. A one-time live-stream of the show will be offered free starting at 7p.m. EST, but viewers are encouraged to purchase a “pay what you wish ticket” via Eventbrite, with the option to add on a Mountain Stage face mask or a Mountain Stage bandana.

Larry Groce, the show’s host and artistic director said he’s excited to get back to recording new episodes. “We’ve been revisiting some classic broadcasts from our archives, which have had really great performances, but since we’ve added so many new stations, we want to give them something fresh.”

 Performing on November 1,  will be veteran indie rocker Chuck Prophet, bringing his partner in music and life Stephanie Finch, to perform songs from his latest release The Land That Time Forgot. Nashville based singer and songwriter Kim Richey is scheduled to appear in celebration of her grammy-nominated 1999 release Glimmer. Richey has revised those songs recently, putting a new spin on them with A Long Way Back…the songs of Glimmer. Richey also has a co-write on The Land That Time Forgot, the contemplative “Paying My Respects to the Train.”

 Western Kentucky’s S.G. Goodman has been turning heads lately, with features at Rolling Stone and on PBS Newshour raising her profile. Her powerful voice and honest songwriting have already garnered acclaim, with both clearly on display in her single “The Way I Talk,” from her debut album, Old Time Feeling.

 Mountain Stage will also welcome home a West Virginia native, whose Rounder Records debut is coming soon. Sierra Ferrell, originally from Charleston, W.Va., is poised to release a landmark album soon. See what the press is already saying, and be sure to join us November 1 for a preview of songs to come.