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From 2010: Jakob Dylan & Three Legs The Tallest Man On Earth, and more

Week after September 04, 2020

Jakob Dylan & Three Legs
The Tallest Man On Earth
April Smith & the Great Picture Show
The Watson Twins
Clare & The Reasons



Recorded on April 11, 2010

Podcast audio due Tuesday September 15, 2020.






The Watson Twins

Give Me a Chance



Calling Out



Devil in You



Southern Manners


The Tallest Man on Earth

I Won’t Be Found



The Gardener



The Wild Hunt



King of Spain


Clare and the Reasons

Ohh You Hurt Me So



Wake Up (You Sleepy Head)






That’s All


April Smith

Terrible Things



Stop Wondering



Can’t Say No






Wow and Flutter


Jakob Dylan and Three Legs

Nothing but The Whole Wide World



Everybody’s Hurting



Smile When You Call Me That



Holy Rollers for Love



Down on Our Own Shield



Lend a Hand


Larry Groce & Company

Dark as a Dungeon


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