June 03, 2016


Liz Vice
Carrie Rodriguez
Parker Millsap
Sarah Jarosz
Brett Dennen
Jill Sobule
Darrell Scott


  • Liz Vice- Smells like Teen Spirit
  • Carrie Rodriguez- Frio en el Alma
  • Parker Millsap- Pining

  • Sarah Jarosz- Comin’ Undone
  • Brett Dennen- Cassidy
  • Jill Sobule- It was a Good Life
  • Cracker- Low

  • Darrell Scott- Desperados Waiting for a Train​

Press Release

​Some of the best of what you'll hear in June, with full songs by Cracker, Sarah Jarosz, Brett Dennen, Parker Millsap, Liz Vice, Darrell Scott, Carrie Rodriguez and Jill Sobule. Hosted by Assistant Producer Joni Deutsch.

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