May 06, 2016


Gibson Brothers
David Lindley
Ben Sollee
Steve Polz
Sean Rowe
The Wood Brothers
Judy Collins w/ Ari Hest


​Feufoullet- Baby’s on Fire

Gibson Brothers- Bye, Bye Love

David Lindley- The Cuckoo Bird

Ben Sollee- Loving Memory

Steve Polz- Check Your Head

Sean Rowe- Shine My Diamond Ring

The Wood Brothers- Never and Always

Judy Collins w/ Ari Hest- I Choose Love

Press Release

​A preview of what you'll hear this May on Mountain Stage, featuring songs by Feufollet, The Gibson Brothers, David Lindley, Ben Sollee, Steve Poltz, Sean Rowe, The Wood Brothers, and Judy Collins with Ari Hest. Hosted by Assistant Producer Joni Deutsch.