June 01, 2016


The Wood Brothers
Sean Rowe
Max Hatt & Edda Glass
Steve Poltz
Penny and Sparrow


The Wood Brothers - Dubbed "masters of soulful folk,” The Wood Brothers are Chris and Oliver Wood. Growing up in Boulder, CO, their father, an alumnus of the legendary Cambridge, MA folk scene of the late-‘50s, encouraged his sons to play music. After moving to Atlanta, Oliver formed the blues-steeped King Johnson and joined Chris (one-third of the genre-busting Medeski Martin & Wood), who had moved to NYC, on the occasional MM&W gig. After jamming at a family reunion in 2004, the two were inspired to record a collection of songs that would become “Ways Not To Lose,” the Wood Brothers’ debut on Blue Note Records. Sine then, the group issued 2012's “Live, Vol. 1: Sky High,” which they followed with the Buddy Miller-produced “The Muse.” The group’s current release is “Paradise,” produced by Dan Auerbach.


Sean Rowe - Already drawing comparisons to Van Morrison and Johnny Cash, singer/songwriter Sean Rowe utilizes a soulful baritone and the skill of a poet to sketch a world where man and nature lie down uneasily side by side. An avid naturalist, the Albany, NY, native derives inspiration from his own wilderness experiences (30-day wilderness treks on which he takes along nothing but a knife and the clothes on his back) along with the writings of transcendentalists like Henry David Thoreau. His third release for the Anti- label, “Madman,” is a stark and primal work that has been described as “pure soul.”


Max Hatt / Edda Glass - After playing Bossa Nova in Montana for 10 years, the duo of Max Hatt and Edda Glass took top honors at the 2014 NewSong Competition. Described by the contest’s director as “arguably the most distinctive winner we’ve ever had,” the pair’s original music features Hatt’s deceptively complex melodies and Glass’s evocative lyrics that draw from western imagery. In addition to Max Hatt / Edda Glass, the duo fronts Rio, a jazz and Bossa Nova group based in Santa Fe, NM. Their upcoming release is titled “Oceans of Birds.”


Steve Poltz - Born among the hearty seafaring folk of Canada’s Halifax, Nova Scotia, Poltz has lived most of his life in Southern California, where the sun treated his rocky Canadian DNA like clothes in a dryer. Naturally a spectrum of cultural and emotional tensions arose and he eventually sought refuge in the art of songwriting, where he tapped into an unforgettable and often horrifying depth of unhinged genius. Among the music cognoscenti, Steve Poltz is regarded as one of the most talented and prolific songwriters of our time. His songs have been among the longest running ever on the Billboard Top 100 and they regularly appear in movie soundtracks, television shows, and even the odd commercial. His touring schedule is ferocious, ping ponging between continents with enough frequency to earn him manic followings in scores of different accents and languages.

Penny & Sparrow is American singer-songwriter duo of Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke out of Austin, Texas. Formed in 2011 after living as roommates at the University of Texas, the duo began their musical endeavor as a hobby and creative outlet. Their first tune, “Creature” was recorded in a small apartment behind an orphanage with one microphone and a laptop. “If you listen closely, you can hear kids screaming and laughing in the background of each song,” says Baxter. “After just one song, we knew writing and recording was something we didn’t want to stop doing.” Through the years, Penny & Sparrow has steadily grown both in discography and audience. Their latest, “Struggle Pretty”, was written and recorded inside the East Austin house that Andy and Kyle, along with their wives, lived in together. The result is sincere, inspiring, and exciting.​

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Max Hatt and Edda Glass



Crossing Over

Steve Poltz


Check Your Head

I Want All My Friends to be Happy

Penny and Sparrow





Sean Rowe


Old Black Dodge

Shine My Diamond Ring

The Wood Brothers

Never and Always

I Got Loaded

The Muse



Snake Eyes

Postcards from Hell

American Heartache


Larry Groce & Co.

Jockey Full of Bourbon

Originally broadcast May 20th, 2016