February 04, 2020


Yonder Mountain String Band
Balsam Range
Peter Case
Rosier (formerly Les Poules à Colin)
Oh Pep!


*Podcast Only*

Recorded on March 17, 2019

Podcast audio due Tuesday, April 23, 2019.





Oh Pep!

Asking For






Hurt Nobody



What’s the Deal with David?


Julie Adams

*Trap Door*


Peter Case

If I Go Crazy



*(The) Long Good Time*



All Dressed Up for Trial



Water From a Stone



Pair of Brown Eyes


Les Poules a Colin

Morbleur, Sambleur!



My Room



The Collection of Marie Claire



Breakfast at the Methe’s


Balsam Range

Burning Georgia Down/EMD



Girl Who Invented the Wheel



The Rambler



Tumbleweed Town



If I Needed Someone


Bob Thompson

*Mr. Bojangles*


Yonder Mountain String Band

Hey Day



Nowhere Next



*Bored Again*



I Need to Know

Larry Groce & Company

Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor


Press Release

Mountain Stage welcomes back veteran jamgrass group the Yonder Mountain String Band, IBMA entertainers of the year Balsam Range, alt-folk journeyman Peter Case, sensational young traditional band from Quebec, Les Poules à Colin, and a return appearance from Australia's roots-pop duo Oh Pep!