January 28, 2020


Leftover Salmon
The Jeremiahs
Fred Eaglesmith w/ Tif Ginn
Lovers Leap
Mark Cline Bates and WV Six


Recorded on March 3, 2019

Podcast audio due Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

*Podcast Only*





Lovers Leap

Love is Gonna Live



Walnut Tree



Red Dawn Awakening



*Great Expectations*


Julie Adams

*They Don’t Shine*


Fred Eaglesmith w/ Tif Ginn




I Like Trains






Betty Oshawa





Mark Cline Bates & WV Six

Highway Signs









Know What I Am


The Jeremiahs

The Wild Barrow Road



Passage West



Spring Fling



Water’s Edge



*A Summer Night*



North Sea Holes


Bob Thompson

*The Water is Wide*


Leftover Salmon

Something Higher



Southern Belle









Winter’s Gone



West Virginia My Home


Larry Groce & Company

Wreck of the Old 97




Press Release

​West Virginia's capitol city will be celebrating the annual Celtic Calling weekend and Mountain Stage will be a part of the festivities. Our guests will be jam grass superstars Leftover Salmon and Irish traditional artists The Jeremiahs. We'll also welcome new roots-group Lovers Leap, Canada's Fred Eaglesmith and Tif Ginn, and Mountain State native Mark Cline Bates and WV Six.

This show is scheduled for national distribution by NPR Music starting March 22.


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