December 24, 2019


River Whyless
Martha Scanlan
Will Hoge
Royal Wood
Hello June






Royal Wood

The Hardest Thing of All



Tonight I’ll Be Your Guide



I’m So Glad





Julie Adams

*900 Miles*


Will Hoge

Oh Mr. Barnum



*Silver or Gold*



Thoughts and Prayers



Jesus Came to Tennessee



This Grand Charade


Hello June







*Less than Nothing*





Martha Scanlan

Las Cruces



West Virginia Rain



*The Only Thing*



Brother Was Dying


Bob Thompson

*Wayfaring Stranger*


River Whyless

All of My Friends



Born in the Right Country



Van Dyke Brown



*War is Kind*



Motel 6



Darkness in Mind


Larry Groce & Company

This Train



*Podcast Only*

Recorded on November 11, 2018

Podcast audio due Tuesday, December 11.



Press Release

Mountain Stage with Larry Groce is pleased to welcome River Whyless once again to Mountain Stage this Fall.


On Sunday, November 11 we'll welcome River Whyless for Mountain Stage at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, WV. Tickets are available online now.


Six years, two albums and countless gigs after first forming as a band, River Whyless, the North Carolina-bred folk-rock outfit has discovered their evolution is a subtler albeit monumentally important one. Deep in the throes of writing and recording their bold new album, Kindness, A Rebel , the four musicians reached a necessary and collective understanding. Namely: this band is their lifeblood, their family and their love.


As an artist, Royal Wood channeled these polar opposite emotions into his new album “Ever After The Farewell”. Recorded in London, UK, with Jamie Scott (known for his work with renowned artists like Rag’n Bone Man, Michael Kiwanuka, Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran), Royal’s album is not only deeply inspired by both loss and love, but is an ode to the classic styles of both Tin Pan Alley and Laurel Canyon. To capture the rawest possible sound, most of the songs on the album were recorded the day they were written, with Royal playing the majority of the instruments. As fate would have it, Royal recorded the album on the Beatles EMI console that made Abbey Road possible. “Every day I walked into the studio in London, UK with the ghosts of my musical hero’s sitting beside me.” said Royal. “All of my life I wanted to make music with the Beatles, and now I feel like I have” he joked.


In the opening moments of Martha Scanlan’s fourth recording, The River And The Light, there is this pause right before the music kicks in; it occurs like the deep breath in right before a sigh, or the brush of sand against the bottom of a boat being gently pushed into the current.


What follows is a journey, and in this day and age of Spotify and playlists it is rare to find a recording coImpelling enough to be so taken into such a journey. There is a sense of aliveness and wonder throughout each song and throughout the album, this sense of anticipation of what awaits around the next bend. “The boat metaphor is interesting, because for both Jon and I these songs have occurred like rivers, like these currents winding in and out and around each other.” Jon is Portland based guitar player, producer and longtime musical collaborator Jon Neufeld.  The River and the Light is due October 19.



Hello June is an indie-rock band formed in the hills of Morgantown, WV after core members Sarah Rudy (guitar/vocals) and Whit Alexander (drums) met as tenants of a particularly communal apartment building located at 233 Spruce St. Their debut six-song EP, Spruce, fittingly unfolds as if an expression of self-discovery, where languid reflection is never as far from catharsis as it seems. Its mix of driving, indomitable hooks and ethereal, sustained tones “displays their blend of bright, blissful rock that shimmers, even throughout its darker moments “ —NPR.


The band was featured as part of the 2018 NPR Slingshot class - a designation given to exceptional up-and-coming artists - and the single “Dance” was featured in the March 2017 edition of NPR’s Heavy Rotation series. Their danceable-yet-dark rock sound has been likened to Modest Mouse, Jason Molina, and Beach House. Their first full-length album will be released in Fall 2018.


This show will be broadcast via NPR Music starting November 30.